The Story Behind Woople Foods

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of a lush tropical forest, there lived a community of farmers who were passionate about their work and dedicated to producing only the finest, most flavorful and nutritious fruits. One day, they stumbled upon a fruit that was unlike any they had ever seen before. It was large and round, with a tough outer shell that covered a juicy, sweet and slightly sour flesh. They called it the Woodapple.

Years passed and the Woodapple remained a well-kept secret of the villagers, enjoyed by only a few lucky locals. But one day, a young woman named Sneha discovered the Woodapple one of the most underutilised super fruit packed with lots of nutrients and health benefits

She was immediately drawn to its unique flavor and texture. She knew that this amazing fruit deserved to be shared with the world and so, she communicated the same with Jiten. From the research work they found that there are many fruits that are under-rated packed with lots of nutritious benefits for one’s health but due to a lack of resources and expertise for efficient handling, distribution, marketing, and storage, these fruits are wasted in significant amounts just like Wood apple. A sour and tangy fruit found in most parts of Asia, though not cultivated commercially, they knew they could make something delicious with it.

Inspired by the abundance of under-utilized fruits in India and a purpose driven mission of providing chemical free food products they decided to start a food company that would showcase the Woodapple in all its glory. And so, WOOPLE FOODS was born.

It was the brainchild of two enterprising young entrepreneurs who realised a gap in the market for food products made from this under-utilized superfruit wood apple with no preservatives, additives or artificial colors. So the kitchen turned into an innovation incubator, new recipes were experimented, tried, tested and after a few failed attempts, they finally hit on the 1st perfect recipe for Woople jam. It was a sweet and sour mix, perfect for spreading on toast, chapati or bagels.

At WOOPLE FOODS, they believe in using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients, and that’s why they work closely to source only the best Woodapples. They then use their expertise and passion to transform the fruit into delicious jams, juices and jellies that truly capture its essence.

The results were amazing! The wood apple gave the jam a unique, delicious flavour that set it apart from all the other jams on the market.

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